Birds Dream Design

Is a scam!

My Story

I am simply making this website so I can help some other poor sucker avoid getting scammed by the photographer that owns Birds Dream Design named Amanda Lee Monday. I reached out to Amanda in October of 2019 to inquire about shooting my wedding was next year she was super responsive at first with providing me her packages and pricing and we decided to go with her 4 hour shoot that included free engagement session for $900 dollars of which we paid with Apple pay so we had her phone number. I took the day off of work for our engagement session so I could professionally get my makeup done and be ready for the shoot at 3. I messaged her the day before our shoot (via Facebook messenger) and she gave me multiple excuses on why she needs to reschedule us and we were happy to work with her.  We ended up doing our shoot and she said our photos would only take a few weeks to edit. We contacted Amanda via text and email multiple times and finally on Dec 21st she said she was going to upload our photos these photos did not come until Dec 23rd and not all of them were uploaded. We since have had to move our venue since the first one we paid for closed the business and I emailed Amanda responded back and said this was no problem in the same email we also asked about our remanding engagement photos of which she said she uploaded but she never did. We emailed again January 11th asking for the photos of which she said she would upload later because she was out of town...still no photos. Then due to the pandemic we are cancelling our wedding since our parents are at high risk and we just can't risk anything happening so we emailed Amanda to ask for a refund for all but engagement session since we are not having a wedding any response.  We have tried emailing her multiple times and calling her phone of which is says its restricting phone calls. It seems as if we are not the only poor sucker Amanda has scammed. Below are links to Yelp and Better Business Bureau, if anything I hope this website helps avoid anyone else getting scammed by Amanda. 


Better Business Bureau